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The Toronto Maple Leafs are 2nd in the Eastern Conference with 106 points tied with the Carolina Hurricanes 3rd. They have a record of 50 wins and 26 losses in 76 games. In addition, they have 10 wins in their last 12 NHL games.

On the other hand, the Philadelphia Flyers are 15th in the Eastern Conference with 57 points. They have a record of 23 wins and 53 losses. Moreover, the visitors are in crisis at the moment and remain on 5 consecutive losses in regulation time in NHL.

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Analysis on the NHL game between Montreal and Minnesota

We will also be able to watch the game between the Montreal Canadiens and Minnesota Wild. The Montreal Canadiens are having a catastrophic season and are last in the Eastern Conference with 51 points and only 20 wins in 76 games. They will face Minnesota who is having a good season. Indeed, the Wild are 4th in the Western Conference with only 2 points behind the 2nd place Calgary Flames. Moreover, they have only conceded one loss in their last 5 games.

Finally, the Vancouver Canucks host the Ottawa Senators. The Canucks are 10th in the Western Conference with 86 points. Nevertheless, they are in great shape at the moment and remain on 6 consecutive wins. They play the Senators who are 13th in the Eastern Conference with 63 points and a record of 28 wins and 48 losses.